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Experience the Best of Recreation and Wellness at Westwood Recreation Center

Westwood Recreation Center

Discover Westwood Recreation Center:
Where Community Engagement and Active Living Thrive

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Updated on May 17 2024 7:27am

Visit Westwood California

Discover the vibrant Westwood Recreation Center, a haven for community activities and outdoor fun.

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Nestled just one block south/east of the bustling intersection of Wilshire and Sepulveda, Westwood Recreation Center is a vibrant hub for recreational activities and family-friendly fun. This well-equipped center boasts a range of special features that cater to various interests and age groups, ensuring there's something for everyone to enjoy.

One of the center's standout attractions is Aidan's Place Playground, a thoughtfully designed and inclusive play area that allows children of all abilities to play and interact together. This remarkable initiative, named after Aidan James, a wheelchair-bound child, promotes inclusivity and provides a safe space for both handicapped and non-handicapped children to create lasting memories.

As a not-for-profit theater, Geffen Playhouse is driven by its dedication to cultivating an appreciation for the arts and giving back to the community. The theater has successfully nurtured programs in collaboration with high school students and community education campaigns, fostering an environment of creativity and cultural growth. With two stages, Geffen Playhouse presents three to five plays each season, offering a diverse range of theatrical experiences.

The Westwood Recreation Center features two gymnasiums with an indoor basketball court and a stage, making it an ideal venue for sports events, performances, and community gatherings. The spacious indoor aquatics facility provides a welcoming environment for swimming and water-based activities. Tennis courts and concessions are also available, adding to the diverse array of recreational options.

When it comes to planning outdoor gatherings, the center's barbecue pits and picnic tables offer an excellent setting for enjoying delicious meals with friends and family. The well-maintained baseball diamond and basketball courts are equipped with lighting, extending the hours of play well into the evening.

In addition to its outstanding facilities, Westwood Recreation Center takes pride in its dedicated staff, instructors, and volunteers who curate an array of programs and activities for the community. From the Parent & Me Program to ballet and piano classes, there are opportunities for personal growth, artistic expression, and physical fitness for individuals of all ages. Adults can participate in fitness and ceramic classes, while seasonal camp programs and sports classes/programs cater to the interests of children and teenagers.

For those seeking an active lifestyle, Westwood Recreation Center offers a wide range of sports and fitness programs, including basketball, volleyball, racquetball, martial arts, flag football, soccer futsal, and various fitness exercises. With its well-maintained facilities and extensive program offerings, the center encourages individuals to lead healthy and active lives.

Whether you're looking to engage in sports, participate in enriching programs, or simply enjoy quality time outdoors, Westwood Recreation Center stands as a welcoming and dynamic destination for the local community. With its commitment to inclusivity, community engagement, and providing top-notch recreational amenities, the center has become a cherished gathering place that fosters both physical and social well-being.

Westwood Recreation Center, 1350 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
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