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Top Things to do in LA in December

December's Event Spectacular in Los Angeles

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December's Event Extravaganza in LA:
Unmissable Events Lighting up LA

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Updated on Apr 23 2024 6:44am

Los Angeles Events

This December, Los Angeles becomes a cultural hub, hosting a myriad of events ranging from electrifying concerts and captivating plays to enchanting ballets, classical music performances, and festive Christmas events, ensuring a rich and diverse tapestry of entertainment for residents and visitors alike.

Los Angeles in December is a cultural wonderland, with a plethora of events to captivate every audience. From the electrifying farewell tour of Aerosmith and The Black Crowes at the Kia Forum, where rock legends bid adieu with unparalleled energy, to Andrea Bocelli's transcendent 30th-anniversary concert at the same venue, where his tenor voice enchants with classical masterpieces and contemporary ballads, the city pulsates with musical brilliance. Meanwhile, at the Pantages Theatre, Broadway takes center stage with "Wicked," offering a spellbinding journey through the Land of Oz, and "Back to the Future: The Musical," a time-traveling adventure that brings cinematic magic to the stage. Not to be outdone, Ambrosia takes audiences on a musical journey at The Canyon, showcasing their versatile repertoire and iconic hits. In a city where culture thrives, December's event extravaganza in LA promises an unforgettable fusion of music, theater, and magic, ensuring a festive season brimming with entertainment for all.

Aerosmith Farewell Tour with The Black Crowes - Kia Forum, Inglewood

December 7, 2024
In an electrifying convergence of rock legends, the farewell tour of Aerosmith, iconic purveyors of hard rock, joined forces with The Black Crowes, masters of southern-tinged blues rock, for an unforgettable night at the Kia Forum in Inglewood. As Aerosmith bid adieu to decades of musical prowess and stage mastery, their performance was a testament to their enduring legacy, delivering hit after hit with unrivaled energy and passion. The Black Crowes, renowned for their gritty authenticity and soulful sound, complemented the evening with their own brand of raw musical brilliance, stirring the crowd with anthems of rebellion and resilience. Together, these two powerhouse bands created an atmosphere charged with nostalgia and celebration, leaving fans in awe and cementing their status as timeless icons of rock 'n' roll.

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Andrea Bocelli 30th Anniversary - Kia Forum, Inglewood

December 8, 2024
In a night of transcendent musical celebration, Andrea Bocelli marked his remarkable 30-year career milestone with a breathtaking performance at the Kia Forum in Inglewood. With his unparalleled tenor voice resonating throughout the venue, Bocelli enchanted the audience with a repertoire spanning classical masterpieces, beloved opera arias, and poignant contemporary ballads. His emotive delivery and unwavering vocal prowess illuminated the stage, captivating listeners with each note. Backed by a symphonic orchestra and joined by special guests, Bocelli's anniversary concert was a testament to his enduring artistry and profound ability to touch hearts across generations, leaving an indelible mark on all who had the privilege to witness his musical brilliance.

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Wicked - Pantages Theatre, Hollywood

December 4, 2024 - February 2, 2025
Transport yourself to the enchanting Land of Oz at the Pantages Theatre as "Wicked," the Broadway sensation, weaves its spellbinding tale. Set before Dorothy's iconic arrival, the musical offers a fresh perspective on the magical realm, focusing on the untold story of a young woman born with emerald-green skin. Smart, fiery, and misunderstood, she crosses paths with a bubbly blonde, and their initial rivalry evolves into the unlikeliest of friendships. However, as the world begins to cast one as "good" and the other as "wicked," their destinies take unexpected turns. From the first electrifying note to the final breathtaking moment, "Wicked" captivates audiences with its wildly inventive narrative, providing a unique and mesmerizing exploration of the Witches of Oz.

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Back to the Future: The Musical - Pantages Theatre, Hollywood

November 5 - December 1, 2024
Get ready to embark on a time-traveling adventure as "Back to the Future: The Musical" arrives at the Pantages Theatre, bringing the beloved cinematic classic to Broadway's grand stage. Winner of the 2022 Olivier Award for Best New Musical, along with four WhatsOnStage Awards, including Best New Musical, and the Broadway World Award for Best New Musical, this electrifying production is an adaptation for the stage by the iconic film's creators, Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, known for the Back to the Future trilogy. Directed by Tony Award-winner John Rando, the musical features original music by multi-Grammy winners Alan Silvestri and Glen Ballard, as well as hit songs from the movie, such as "The Power of Love," "Johnny B. Goode," "Earth Angel," and "Back in Time." As Marty McFly finds himself transported back to 1955 in Doc Brown's eccentric time machine, the race against time begins, weaving a captivating tale that promises to change musical theatre history forever when it hits 88mph. Great Scott!

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Ambrosia - The Canyon

December 28, 2024
Embark on a musical journey with Ambrosia at The Canyon on June 15, 2024, as they showcase their versatile and rich repertoire that spans classic rock hits to progressive and experimental compositions. Ambrosia's ability to seamlessly navigate between ballads and driving rock 'n roll has solidified their place in the music industry. The band's performances are characterized by a captivating blend of seriousness and playfulness, creating an immersive experience for the audience. Renowned for their chart-topping hits such as "Holdin' On To Yesterday," "Nice, Nice, Very Nice," a distinctive cover of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour," and timeless tracks like "How Much I Feel," "Biggest Part Of Me," and "You're The Only Woman," Ambrosia promises an evening filled with musical diversity and a celebration of their iconic contributions to the world of rock and progressive music.

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December Events in Los Angeles


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