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LA Soccer Guide 2024:
Your Ultimate Soccer Handbook for Los Angeles.

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Updated on May 28 2024 9:31am

LA Soccer Guide

Amidst the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles, a city pulsating with energy and cultural diversity, soccer takes center stage as the beating heart of passionate fandom and unprecedented growth, making it the undisputed No.1 city for soccer enthusiasts in the United States according to WalletHub's extensive study.

Los Angeles Soccer

Los Angeles emerges as the undisputed champion for soccer enthusiasts in the United States, securing the top spot in WalletHub's comprehensive study of over 290 cities. With a total score of 56.87, Los Angeles outshines competitors, finishing over five points ahead of second-place Seattle and more than six points ahead of third-place Portland. The City of Angels is experiencing a surge in soccer interest, aligning with the sport's rapid growth as the fastest-growing major professional sport in the country. The study highlights the profound impact of events like the U.S. Women's National Team's record-breaking victories in the FIFA Women's World Cup, the historic COPA América Centenario hosted on U.S. soil, and the continued success of both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams. As anticipation builds ahead of the 2026 World Cup, Los Angeles solidifies its status as the ideal haven for soccer fans, offering unmatched accessibility, vibrant fandom, and a city deeply connected to the beautiful game's global legacy.


LA Galaxy Schedule & Tickets - Dignity Health Sports Park

LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake - May 11, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Houston Dynamo FC - May 25, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas - May 29, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Sporting Kansas City - June 15, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. New York City FC - June 19, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Minnesota United FC - July 7, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids - July 17, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers - July 20, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Atlanta United FC - August 24, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. LAFC - September 14, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC - September 21, 2024
LA Galaxy vs. Austin FC - October 5, 2024

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Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) Schedule & Tickets - BMO Stadium

Los Angeles Football Club vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC - May 11, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Minnesota United FC - May 29, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. FC Dallas - June 1, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. San Jose Earthquakes - June 22, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Colorado Rapids - June 29, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Columbus Crew - July 13, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Real Salt Lake - July 17, 2024
Leagues Cup Group Stage: Los Angeles Football Club vs Tijuana - July 26, 2024
Leagues Cup Group Stage: Los Angeles Football Club vs Vancouver - July 30, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Houston Dynamo - August 31, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. Austin FC - September 18, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. St. Louis City SC - October 2, 2024
Los Angeles Football Club vs. San Jose Earthquakes - October 19, 2024

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Angel City FC Schedule & Tickets - BMO Stadium

Angel City FC vs. San Diego Wave FC - May 23, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Racing Louisville FC - June 19, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Orlando Pride - June 30, 2024
Angel City FC vs. NJ/NY Gotham FC - June 6, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Club América Femenil - July 20, 2024
Angel City FC vs. San Diego Wave FC - August 1, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Chicago Red Stars - September 1, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Seattle Reign FC - September 6, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Portland Thorns - September 23, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Washington Spirit - September 27, 2024
Angel City FC vs. Utah Royals FC - October 20, 2024

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Arsenal FC v Manchester United FC - SoFi Stadium, Inglewood

July 27, 2024
The clash between Arsenal and Manchester United transcends mere football; it embodies a rich tapestry of rivalry, tradition, and passion. Both clubs boast a legacy of iconic players, historic moments, and intense competition, fueling the anticipation surrounding their upcoming showdown. With SoFi Stadium poised to witness the clash of these titans, fans from across the globe eagerly await the spectacle, ready to witness the drama, skill, and raw emotion that only a match of this caliber can deliver. As the countdown to July 27th begins, the stage is set for another chapter in the enduring saga between Arsenal and Manchester United, promising an unforgettable experience for football enthusiasts everywhere.

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FIFA World Cup 26 - SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles

June 8 - July 3, 2026
The stage is set for the FIFA World Cup 26™ in Los Angeles 2026, a monumental event orchestrated by the Los Angeles World Cup Host Committee. Co-chaired by Larry Freedman and Chris Klein, the committee comprises representatives from key entities like LASEC, the Los Angeles Rams, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, LAFC, and the LA Galaxy. With a mission to deliver a premier World Cup experience, the committee aims to leverage the tournament for enduring social, cultural, and economic impact in the region. As the tournament spans three countries and 16 cities, including Los Angeles, it marks a historic moment with 48 teams and 104 matches. SoFi Stadium is primed to take center stage, solidifying its status as the premier venue for the region. Los Angeles, a true soccer city, builds on its rich history as a host for major soccer events, and with three professional teams, including LAFC and the Galaxy, it is poised to define itself as the beating heart of the biggest single-sport event ever. Don't miss the chance to be part of this seismic soccer spectacle that unites a continent and showcases the best of the beautiful game at SoFi Stadium. Watch the thrilling video teaser for a sneak peek into the excitement: [Insert Video Link]. The 2026 FIFA World Cup - where the passion of soccer meets the legacy of a city.

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SoFi Stadium, Inglewood

Arsenal FC v Manchester United FC - July 27, 2024

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BMO Stadium

BMO Stadium, formerly known as Banc of California Stadium, stands proudly as a vibrant hub of soccer enthusiasm in the heart of Los Angeles, California's Exposition Park neighborhood. Serving as the spirited home ground for Major League Soccer's Los Angeles FC and the National Women's Soccer League's Angel City FC, it embodies the city's diverse sporting culture. With its sleek design and state-of-the-art facilities, BMO Stadium offers an immersive experience for fans, amplifying the passion and excitement of every match within its dynamic confines. As a beacon of soccer excellence, it fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, uniting supporters from all walks of life in celebration of the beautiful game.

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Dignity Health Sports Park

Dignity Health Sports Park, nestled within the dynamic campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills in Carson, California, epitomizes the fervor and passion of soccer in the region. At its heart lies the magnificent 27,000-seat soccer stadium, serving as the epicenter of Major League Soccer (MLS) action for the esteemed LA Galaxy.

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Top Places For Pickup Soccer in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a soccer hub in the United States with a rich history in the sport, offers a vibrant scene for pickup soccer enthusiasts. The city's soccer passion, evident from hosting the 1994 World Cup final to being home to iconic teams like the Galaxy and esteemed institutions like UCLA, extends to informal, grassroots play. The spirit of pickup soccer thrives in a culture where the love for the game is deeply ingrained. In a city where soccer is not just a sport but a way of life, pickup games flourish organically. From impromptu matches in local parks to spontaneous gatherings in open spaces, the desire for a game, unstructured and unscripted, resonates throughout Los Angeles. It's a tradition that starts at a young age, as exemplified by players like LA Galaxy's Oscar Sorto, who reminisces about gathering with friends for pickup games that could last for hours. In a city where soccer permeates the culture, discovering the next generation of players engaged in the beautiful game is as simple as joining a pickup match at one of the city's hot spots.

Santa Monica Airport Field

Nestled on the Westside, Santa Monica Airport Field stands as a hub for soccer enthusiasts in Los Angeles, offering a vibrant space for both organized leagues and casual pickup games. While the field is popular for adult leagues, making it challenging to organize spontaneous matches, early mornings and occasional afternoons provide a window for those seeking a great pickup game. The diverse mix of regulars at Santa Monica Airport Field reflects the eclectic fabric of Los Angeles, with some players having engaged in matches on the turf for years, growing up in the city, while others are recent transplants or international players who learned the game in their home countries before settling in the City of Angels. Notably, LA Galaxy's Bradford Jamieson IV, who was once a regular at the field before signing with the Galaxy, still considers Santa Monica Airport Field his favorite spot for pickup soccer in Los Angeles, underscoring its enduring appeal for players of all backgrounds and levels.

Santa Monica Beach soccer fields

Adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport Field, the soccer fields at Santa Monica Beach offer another enticing venue for pickup soccer in Los Angeles. While the fields are more compact, limiting the play to smaller formats, the proximity to the ocean creates a unique and refreshing atmosphere. With the smell of the sea in the air and a cooling breeze on hot days, playing soccer by the beach becomes a quintessential fusion of the laid-back beach lifestyle and the city's fervor for the beautiful game. The intimate setting may not accommodate 11v11 matches, but the allure of a beachside pickup game is unparalleled. The casual nature of these games means that, at any given moment, you might encounter former LA Galaxy players or even U.S. international stars, adding an exciting element to the pickup soccer experience at Santa Monica Beach fields.

Playa Vista Sports Park

Nestled within an office park and somewhat discreet in its location, Playa Vista Sports Park provides a hidden gem for pickup soccer enthusiasts near LAX. Despite its unassuming setting, the park is a central hub, making it easily accessible, and there's almost always a lively pickup game in progress. The field, though not full-sized, is well-suited for engaging 7v7 matches, equipped with midsize goals and clear markings. The diverse mix of players, often hailing from Italy and Greece, adds an international flavor to the games, creating a vibrant and multicultural soccer experience. The linguistic diversity among participants can become a charming subplot, as players from different backgrounds come together, adding an extra layer of camaraderie to the matches. However, players at Playa Vista Sports Park don't hold back on the field, so be prepared for robust and competitive play, complete with a tough tackle or two – a testament to the passionate and spirited nature of pickup soccer at this unique and welcoming location.

Aviation Park

Aviation Park in Redondo Beach holds a special place in the soccer narrative of Jose Villarreal, who honed his skills in pickup games here before donning a Galaxy jersey. Situated not far from both the Westside and the South Bay, the turf field is surrounded by a track, making it a multifunctional space where caution with wayward shots is advised due to fitness enthusiasts often running along the perimeter. While adult leagues occupy the field during evenings and parts of weekends, making field time a valuable commodity, the high-quality play compensates for the demand. Depending on the day, players can experience a variety of formats, from intense 5v5 matches to more expansive 11v11 games, offering a dynamic and diverse soccer experience at Aviation Park that resonates with the rich tradition of pickup soccer in the Los Angeles area.

Vista Hermosa

Vista Hermosa stands out as a soccer haven with arguably the most breathtaking view of any field in North America. Tucked just north of downtown Los Angeles, the park boasts two side-by-side turf fields that see continuous use throughout the day. While occasional reservations may displace pickup players, there's ample opportunity to join in a game against the backdrop of a stunning vista. Vista Hermosa's allure lies not just in its panoramic scenery but also in the intensity of play. Full-field pickup games are not uncommon, and matches can extend for over an hour, demanding a high level of fitness and endurance from participants. If you're not already in shape, a stint at Vista Hermosa promises to provide a challenging and invigorating soccer experience, with the added bonus of a mesmerizing view that elevates the game to new heights.

Urban Futsal

Urban Futsal, hidden behind an unassuming exterior that resembles a warehouse, transforms into one of the most vibrant and stylish futsal spots upon entry. Beyond the unassuming facade lie offices, artistic touches, and a futsal haven with a SportCourt surface, permanent goals, and walls adorned with captivating paintings. Situated on the periphery of Koreatown, Urban Futsal exudes an unparalleled coolness, offering a unique and visually appealing space to play in Los Angeles. The 5v5 games on the compact court demand skill and precision, leaving little time or space for hesitation. Thursday nights become a focal point for wicked pickup games, attracting players looking to enhance their touch and engage with fellow enthusiasts whose mesmerizing dribbling skills add an extra layer of excitement to the urban futsal experience.

USC Campus Fields

Amidst the urban landscape closer to downtown Los Angeles, the USC Campus Fields emerge as a precious oasis for soccer enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to play with the city's iconic skyline as a backdrop. Situated in the heart of the USC campus, the turf surface offers a unique setting where the echoes of the Trojans' football team practicing nearby add to the vibrant atmosphere. Despite the bustling campus activities, pickup games are a common occurrence as long as players arrive before intramural games take over in the evenings. The diverse mix of participants includes students from around the world, creating a dynamic and culturally rich soccer experience. USC Campus Fields, where LA Galaxy's Oscar Sorto once played during his formative years, serves as a cherished space for pickup soccer, offering a blend of athleticism, camaraderie, and the distinct energy of a campus in the heart of Los Angeles.

Goals Soccer Center at South Gate Park

For soccer enthusiasts struggling to find quality fields for play, Goals Soccer Center at South Gate Park offers a remarkable solution with a staggering 11 beautiful soccer fields. The well-maintained turf surfaces provide an excellent setting for engaging matches, whether it's a spirited 7v7 game or a series of back-to-back matches. While the fields occasionally host leagues, potentially limiting availability for pickup games, the vast number of fields increases the likelihood of finding a spot to play. With the abundance of soccer activity, players should keep their legs limber, as the competition is fierce, and the art of the nutmeg is a popular move among participants. Goals Soccer Center stands as a haven for those seeking a variety of games and a vibrant soccer atmosphere in the heart of South Gate Park.

MacArthur Park

Nestled amid the scenic lake, trees, and walking paths of MacArthur Park is a unique soccer field that defies conventional shapes, yet adds to the dynamic nature of the games played on its turf. The soccer action at MacArthur Park unfolds at a breakneck speed, with games kicking off early in the morning and continuing throughout the day. The odd shape of the field doesn't hinder the intensity and passion of the matches. Notably, the park attracts a significant Salvadoran presence, infusing the games with a cultural richness that extends beyond the love for the sport. Amidst the thrilling play, there's an opportunity to connect with fellow players, perhaps reminiscing over significant moments like the Galaxy's triumph over Metapan in the 2013-14 CONCACAF Champions League, adding a layer of shared soccer history to the vibrant atmosphere of MacArthur Park.

South Pasadena High

Navigating field time at a high school can be challenging due to its limited availability, but South Pasadena High School stands out as a unique destination for soccer enthusiasts on Saturday mornings. The age demographic of the players may trend slightly older, yet the quality of play on display is nothing short of exceptional. The field hosts a distinctive game, characterized by a mix of seasoned players whose stories and skills lend an air of professionalism to the matches. While the claim of some regulars having played professionally in Thailand may be unverified, the captivating narratives and undeniable prowess on the field make it easy to believe in the rich soccer experiences that converge at South Pasadena High, offering a one-of-a-kind soccer experience in Los Angeles.

What is Pickup Soccer?

Pickup soccer serves as a grassroots initiative, providing soccer enthusiasts an informal and inclusive platform to play with friends or fellow community members. This form of the game is characterized by its open and welcoming nature, with no age or gender restrictions, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Typically hosted in local parks or sports complexes, pickup soccer emphasizes creating a fun and learning-oriented environment. In the United States, where soccer may not enjoy the same level of popularity as Basketball or American Football, the pickup soccer scene plays a crucial role in building local soccer communities. By allowing anyone with an interest in the sport to participate, pickup soccer becomes a key player in the efforts to grow soccer's popularity in the country, providing accessible and enjoyable opportunities for people to engage with and experience the beautiful game.

LA Soccer Guide
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