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Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach Unleashed:
A Weekend of Adrenaline in Southern California

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Updated on Jun 06 2024 10:06am

Long Beach Grand Prix

The Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, a premier 3-day, 2-night festival of speed and spectacle, draws around 190,000 fans to the streets of Downtown Long Beach for world-class racing featuring Indy 500 cars, sports cars, Formula Drift, and SUPER trucks.

Grand Prix of Long Beach

April 11 - 13, 2025
The Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, scheduled for April 11 - 13, 2025, is a thrilling 3-day, 2-night festival that transforms the streets of Downtown Long Beach into a high-speed spectacle. With an impressive attendance of approximately 190,000 fans, this event showcases world-class racing featuring Indy 500 race cars, top sports cars, Formula Drift, and SUPER trucks. Beyond the exhilarating races, attendees can immerse themselves in a range of activities, including a Lifestyle Expo, Family Fun Zone, food trucks, concerts, and a car show boasting iconic brands like Ferraris, Porsches, Lotus, and more. The excitement extends to the opportunity to meet racing legends during the Driver Autograph Session, adding a personal touch to the adrenaline-fueled experience.

Established by Christopher Pook, the Grand Prix of Long Beach has a rich history as a premier race on the CART/Champ Car World Series calendar, holding this esteemed status from 1996 to 2008. Since 2009, it has been an integral part of the unified IndyCar Series, contributing to its reputation as one of the most prestigious events on the circuit. Held in April each year, the Grand Prix of Long Beach is not only a showcase of speed but also a celebration of the unification of open-wheel racing, culminating in the final Champ Car series race in 2008. The event's significance is further underscored by its status as one of the longest continuously running events in IndyCar racing.

A historic fixture in North American racing, the Long Beach Grand Prix has been an integral part of the motorsports landscape since its inception in 1975 as a Formula 5000 race. Evolving into a Formula One event in 1976, the circuit witnessed a unique era in Formula One history as it remained one of the few tracks where turbocharged engines did not secure victory from 1977 to 1983. Today, the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of street racing, captivating audiences with the perfect blend of speed, skill, and tradition.

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The NTT INDYCAR SERIES is the epitome of high-octane excitement, featuring turbocharged cars and racing luminaries like the six-time series champion Scott Dixon, Long Beach victors Alexander Rossi, Josef Newgarden, and Colton Herta, alongside rising stars Pato O’Ward and the defending series champ Will Power. Against the backdrop of city streets, these dynamic drivers unleash the power of their machines, hurtling through the urban landscape at mind-boggling speeds of up to 185 mph on the iconic Shoreline Drive. It's a spectacle that blends the precision of top-tier racing with the sheer thrill of urban circuits, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience for both drivers and passionate fans alike.

IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship

In the heart-pounding spectacle of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, Saturday afternoons transform into a battleground for two classes of the most advanced and exotic sports cars on the planet. The hybrid-engine GTP prototypes and GT Daytona (GTD) sports cars engage in a thrilling 100-minute shootout, showcasing suspenseful passes, lightning-fast driver changes, and intense battles for position in nearly every corner of the track. The roar of these high-performance machines reverberates through the air as they push the limits, making every moment of the race a breathtaking display of speed, strategy, and raw racing prowess. It's a mesmerizing clash of automotive titans, where each corner holds the promise of a game-changing maneuver, ensuring that fans are on the edge of their seats from start to checkered flag.

Super Drift Challenge

The Super Drift Challenge, a perennial fan favorite, unleashes the exhilarating spectacle of precision and power as the finest drivers from the Formula Drift series go head-to-head. Across Friday and Saturday nights, these skilled drivers showcase their mastery of the art of drifting, thrilling the audience with jaw-dropping maneuvers and tire-smoking excitement. As the drivers qualify and then compete under the neon lights, each corner becomes a canvas for their dynamic skills, creating an adrenaline-fueled dance between man and machine that leaves spectators on the edge of their seats. It's a high-octane celebration of skill and style, making the Super Drift Challenge a must-see event for enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike.

GT America Powered by AWS

Get ready for a turbocharged weekend of GT racing excitement as GT America Powered by AWS unleashes the thunderous power of GT2, GT3, and GT4 racecars in two intense 40-minute showdowns on Saturday and Sunday. The track will come alive with the distinctive roars of top sports car drivers pushing iconic brands like Acura, Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, Porsche, and Toyota to their limits. The GT America grid transforms into a battlefield of speed, skill, and cutting-edge automotive technology, promising a gripping spectacle for motorsports enthusiasts as these high-performance machines vie for supremacy on the track. It's a two-day adrenaline rush that showcases the best in sports car racing, making GT America Powered by AWS a thrilling highlight on the motorsports calendar.

Historic Indy Car Challenge

Get ready to turn back the clock as the Historic Indy Car Challenge unleashes the thunderous echoes of vintage Indy cars from the exhilarating eras of the 1970s and 1980s. With 20-minute races revving up the nostalgia on both Saturday and Sunday, the track will come alive with the unmistakable screams of these classic machines. The entry list promises a journey through racing history, where the legends of yesteryear will once again tear up the asphalt, reminding fans of the raw power and excitement that defined a golden age in Indy car racing. It's a weekend of racing heritage, where the timeless roar of these vintage speed demons will captivate both seasoned enthusiasts and new fans alike.

Tickets & Parking

Secure your spot at the heart of the action with Tickets & Parking for this electrifying event! This is your golden ticket to witness the thrill of racing up close and personal. Choose from one-day tickets for a quick adrenaline fix, snag three-day passes for an immersive experience, or elevate your race day with VIP options offering the best views in town. Can't make it in person? Fret not! Catch all the heart-pounding excitement from the comfort of your living room, as a total of 14 races will be televised on NBC, ensuring that the adrenaline-fueled moments are accessible to fans far and wide. Don't miss out on the speed, skill, and spectacle – grab your tickets now for a front-row seat to the racing extravaganza of the year!

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Schedule of Events

Event History

The Event History of the Long Beach Grand Prix traces its roots back to the visionary promoter Chris Pook, a former travel agent hailing from England. Drawing inspiration from the renowned Monaco Grand Prix, Pook envisioned a similar spectacle flourishing in Southern California. Choosing the city of Long Beach, approximately 25 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, Pook orchestrated the transformation of city streets into a waterfront circuit near the Port of Long Beach. Despite the surrounding area being predominantly an economically challenged industrial port city, the inaugural event in September 1975, as part of the Formula 5000 series, defied expectations and drew an impressive crowd of 30,000 fans. Pook's ambitious vision became a reality, establishing the Long Beach Grand Prix as a historic and enduring fixture in the world of motorsports.


Family Fun Extravaganza at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach

Dive into a world of family-friendly excitement at the Long Beach Grand Prix with a lineup of thrilling activities for all ages! The Lifestyle Expo, spanning over 270,000 square feet, hosts more than 100 displays showcasing the latest in automotive, home, recreation, travel, and entertainment products. Within the Expo, the Green Power Prix-View offers cutting-edge exhibits featuring hybrid and electric cars, energy-saving products, and healthy lifestyle offerings. The NTT INDYCAR SERIES Fan Experience, Family Fun Zone, support series paddocks, and driver autograph sessions are also part of this vibrant space. Meanwhile, the Family Fun Zone in the Long Beach Arena section of the Expo promises rock climbing walls, games, video games, racing simulators, and special races for the youngest fans. The excitement continues with free concerts by internationally known acts on Friday and Saturday nights, providing entertainment for race ticket holders. On Sunday, outside Turn 9, the Mothers Exotic Car Paddock showcases over 100 exotic sports cars, and the Food Truck Experience, located behind Grandstand 31, delivers a delectable selection of Southern California gourmet food trucks. It's an immersive and diverse experience beyond the racetrack, making the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach a thrilling family destination.


Explore the extraordinary at the Lifestyle Expo – an unparalleled one-of-a-kind experience spanning over 270,000 square feet! With more than 100 displays, this dynamic showcase unveils the latest innovations in automotive, home, recreation, travel, and entertainment products and services. Within the Expo, the Green Power Prix-View takes center stage, offering a glimpse into the future with cutting-edge Green Technology exhibits featuring hybrid and electric cars, energy-saving home products, and items promoting a healthy lifestyle. This vibrant space also hosts the NTT INDYCAR SERIES Fan Experience, providing enthusiasts with a closer look at the excitement of top-tier racing. The Lifestyle Expo is not just a display; it's a hub of activity, housing the Family Fun Zone, support series paddocks, and exclusive driver autograph sessions. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of innovation, entertainment, and racing passion all under one roof!


Embark on a thrilling family adventure at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach with the Family Fun Zone, an ever-expanding haven for family members of all ages! Nestled in the Long Beach Arena section of the Lifestyle Expo, this vibrant zone is a playground of excitement featuring rock climbing walls, engaging games, video games, and high-speed racing simulators. Adding a touch of delight, kids aged 3 to 6 can experience the thrill of racing in their very own pint-sized race cars. The Family Fun Zone is not just a pitstop; it's a dynamic space where adrenaline meets amusement, ensuring that families can create lasting memories amidst the exhilarating atmosphere of the Grand Prix weekend. Get ready for a blend of high-energy activities and family-friendly fun that makes the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach an unforgettable experience for all!


Experience the rhythm of the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach extending beyond the revving engines with sensational concerts on Friday and Saturday nights at approximately 6 p.m. Located on the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center Terrace Plaza, just in front of the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, these concerts feature internationally renowned musical acts that promise to amplify the excitement of race weekend. The best part? The shows are free for each day's race ticket holders, offering a harmonious bonus to the already thrilling racing experience. With limited space at the plaza, it's a first-come, first-serve opportunity to groove to the beats and elevate the overall ambiance of this electrifying Grand Prix celebration.


On Sunday, race enthusiasts can revel in the luxury and elegance of the Mothers Exotic Car Paddock outside Turn 9, showcasing a stunning display of over 100 exotic sports cars, featuring iconic brands like Ferraris, Porsches, Lotus, and more!


Indulge your taste buds in a culinary adventure at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, where the 1.97-mile race circuit becomes a haven for foodies. Adding to the gastronomic delight, the Grand Prix presents the Food Truck Experience, a sensational lineup of Southern California's finest gourmet food trucks. Situated behind Grandstand 31, south of the front straightaway near Shoreline Village, this culinary extravaganza promises a diverse and delectable selection, ensuring that racegoers can savor the best in local flavors while immersing themselves in the thrilling atmosphere of the races.


G&M 5th Annual Grand Prix Foundation of Long Beach 5K: Racing for a Cause

April 2025
Gear up for a weekend of racing with purpose at the G&M 5th Annual Grand Prix Foundation of Long Beach 5K on Sunday, April 14! This unique event extends the Grand Prix excitement by allowing participants to "run the course" on the actual Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach racetrack. With over 1,200 runners taking to the iconic circuit, this popular 5K offers a thrilling experience while contributing to a noble cause. The event serves as a vital fundraiser for various Southern California charities, including a scholarship fund that awards a $1500 grant to seven seniors in the Long Beach area. Organized by the Grand Prix Foundation of Long Beach, a 501(c)(3) publicly supported organization, the 5K embodies the spirit of giving, leveraging the drama and fanfare of the Acura Grand Prix to host exciting events that benefit the community.

Long Beach Grand Prix
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