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A Celebrity-Approved Guide to Luxury Hotspots

Malibu's Best-Kept Celebrity Secrets

A-List Escapes:
Exploring Malibu's Most Coveted Celebrity Hangouts.

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Updated on Jun 19 2024 7:17am

Visit Malibu California
Visit Malibu California
Visit Malibu California

Embark on an exclusive journey through the sun-soaked shores of Malibu, California, as we unveil the most coveted and discreet spots where celebrities retreat for a taste of luxury and leisure.

Embark on an exclusive journey through the sun-soaked shores of Malibu, California, with A-List Escapes: Exploring Malibu's Most Coveted Celebrity Hangouts. From the upscale charm of Lucky's Malibu, where Real Housewives mingle with surfers boasting Oscars, to the elegant ambiance of Mr. Chow, frequented by Hollywood royalty like Jennifer Lopez and Elton John, this curated guide unveils the hidden gems where stars dine, unwind, and indulge. Nobu Malibu's scenic terrace, Café Habana's eco-conscious charm co-owned by Cindy Crawford, and Zuma Beach's pristine sands favored by the likes of Hailey Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio paint a picture of Malibu's allure. From tranquil hikes at Solstice Canyon Loop Trail, frequented by Meghan Markle and Shawn Mendes, to the star-studded ambiance of Malibu Country Mart, where Justin Bieber and the Kardashians blend in with locals, this guide offers a glimpse into the exclusive world where luxury meets coastal charm. At Little Beach House Malibu, reserved for Malibu Plus members, elite sightings like Kendall Jenner and Chris Martin add to the allure of this hidden gem, solidifying its status as a preferred destination for those seeking both tranquility and glamour along the Malibu shoreline.

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Lucky's Malibu

Lucky's exudes upscale charm as an A-list steakhouse that has become a celebrity magnet. Originally hailing from SoCal's other celebrity haven, Montecito, Lucky's Malibu is a hotspot where the crowd is sure to be recognizable, though perhaps with fewer Oprah and Meghan Markle sightings compared to its Montecito counterpart. As you dine in this luxurious establishment, expect to rub shoulders with Real Housewives sipping martinis, strategically showcasing their jewelry, and surfers who casually strut around in board shorts, boasting not only wave-riding skills but also, on occasion, two Oscars at home. Beyond the captivating people-watching experience, Lucky's offers a culinary delight, with menu highlights including shrimp and prosciutto-filled chopped salad and a tempting selection of premium cuts of meat. The Malibu outpost of Lucky's, located in the Malibu Country Mart, has swiftly become a go-to for Santa Barbara residents and Hollywood A-listers alike, with recent sightings including Cindy Crawford, Pierce Brosnan, and Kendall Jenner, cementing its status as a coveted celebrity hotspot.

Lucky's Malibu, 3835 Cross Creek Rd Suite #18, Malibu, CA 90265

Mr. Chow

Mr. Chow, a high-end Chinese restaurant with a well-established reputation, stands as a prime celebrity hotspot in California. Renowned for its exquisite cuisine, this upscale dining establishment has received stellar reviews from locals and celebrities alike. Among the notable names who have graced Mr. Chow's tables are Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Nicolas Cage, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Cher, Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, Adele, and Elton John. These A-list sightings, combined with the restaurant's longstanding popularity, make Mr. Chow a go-to destination for those seeking an elegant dining experience and a chance encounter with Hollywood royalty.

Mr. Chow, 3835 Cross Creek Rd #18A, Malibu, CA 90265

Nobu Malibu

Recently, patrons at Nobu Malibu were treated to a sighting of NFL star Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift. The pair was spotted enjoying a private dinner together on the restaurant's outdoor terrace, overlooking the picturesque Pacific Ocean. Dressed in casual yet stylish attire, Kelce and Swift seemed to be engrossed in lively conversation as they savored the renowned Japanese cuisine Nobu Malibu is known for. Their presence added to the allure of the restaurant, reaffirming its status as a hotspot for both gastronomic delights and celebrity encounters. Notable personalities, from Demi Lovato and Leonardo DiCaprio to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham, have also been sighted at Nobu Malibu, further cementing its reputation as a favorite haunt for Hollywood's elite. The restaurant's airy ambiance, characterized by floor-to-ceiling wood and cushioned lounge chairs, complements the crashing waves and offers an unmatched dining experience. Indulging in signature dishes like monkfish pate with caviar, black cod with miso, and roasted king crab with uni, celebrities and discerning diners alike flock to Nobu Malibu for a taste of perfection.

Nobu Malibu, 22706 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Café Habana

Café Habana at Malibu Country Mart stands out as a chic spot that effortlessly draws in numerous stars. Co-owned by supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber, this café has become a celebrity magnet. Notable personalities, including Harry Styles, Kenny G, David Foster, Pierce Brosnan, Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves, and Serena Williams, have graced its tables. The picturesque location and commitment to eco-conscious dining, featuring organic produce and sustainable seafood, make Café Habana a favored destination for the health-conscious and environmentally aware crowd. The relaxed atmosphere and star-studded clientele contribute to the café's reputation as a top spot for celebrity sightings in Malibu.

Café Habana, 3939 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265


Visit Malibu California

Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach, nestled along Malibu's famed 21-mile coastline, is a prime spot for celebrity sightings. The allure of this beautiful stretch of sandy shore has attracted stars like Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, and Leonardo DiCaprio. While many celebrities own exclusive beachfront properties, Zuma Beach remains accessible to the public and is renowned for its pristine water conditions, excellent surfing opportunities, and expansive sands. The beach holds special significance for some celebrities, as evidenced by Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale naming their son Zuma after the hotspot. Additionally, Taylor Swift filmed part of her iconic "22" music video at Zuma Beach. Regulars include fitness enthusiasts like Matthew McConaughey, Halle Berry, and Pierce Brosnan, often spotted engaging in morning jogs, leisurely walks, or catching waves on this celebrity-favored beach.

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Visit Malibu California

Solstice Canyon Loop Trail

Solstice Canyon Loop Trail in picturesque Malibu offers a serene escape for celebrities seeking a break from the limelight. Away from the glitz and glamour, stars like Meghan Markle, Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, and Mindy Kaling have been known to embrace the tranquility of this 3-mile loop hike. Although the creek and waterfall are currently affected by the drought, the trail compensates with ocean views and the option to venture off the beaten path for breathtaking 360-degree vistas of mountains and sea. This scenic trail has become a haven for nature-loving celebrities, with sightings reported of luminaries such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Pamela Anderson, and Owen Wilson, making it a go-to destination for those in search of a peaceful outdoor retreat.

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Malibu Country Mart

Situated as the heart of Malibu's social scene, the Malibu Country Mart offers a laid-back yet star-studded atmosphere, where locals, tourists, and celebrities seamlessly coexist. Whether you're in the mood for a casual lunch or some retail therapy, this outdoor shopping and dining center has it all. Celebrities like Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Kate Beckinsale, Jerry Seinfeld, the Kardashians, and more are often spotted here, trying to blend in with the easygoing ambiance. For a taste of the stars' preferences, head to celebrity-favorite spots like Cafe Habana or catch a glimpse of famous parents watching their little ones play at the mart's playground. The adjacent Malibu Lumber Yard expands the options, making this a quintessential Malibu hotspot where the chance of celebrity sightings is as high as the waves nearby.

Malibu Country Mart, 3835 Cross Creek Rd, Malibu, CA 90265


Little Beach House Malibu (Members Only)

Little Beach House Malibu is a hidden gem accessible only to those with a coveted local 'Malibu Plus' membership. Opened in 2016, this Soho House establishment offers a perfect blend of serenity and vibrancy with its wraparound terrace boasting panoramic sea views, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The club, situated adjacent to the local outpost of Nobu, is a picturesque haven adorned with an international collection of contemporary art and features an exclusive member restaurant serving Aegean cuisine. Little Beach House Malibu has become a hotspot for celebrity sightings, drawing A-listers like Justin and Hailey Bieber, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Sean Penn with Olga Korotyayeva. The outdoor terrace witnessed the smiles and laughter of Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker just months before their publicized split, further solidifying its reputation as a preferred destination for the elite seeking both tranquility and glamour along the Malibu shoreline.

Little Beach House Malibu, 22716 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265
Malibu Celebrity Spotting Guide
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