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Hollywood Christmas Parade 2023:
2023 parade details, tickets and parking.

Hollywood Christmas Parade

Welcome to the 91st Hollywood Christmas Parade, a heartwarming celebration dedicated to promoting kindness, giving, and unity during the holiday season.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Sunday, November 26th, 2023 @ 6:00 PM
The 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, in support of Marine Toys for Tots, is set to take place on the streets of Hollywood, California, on Sunday, November 26, 2023, kicking off at 6:00 p.m. This live parade will be brought to you by Associated Television International, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, and it will be hosted by a star-studded ensemble including Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Dean Cain, and Montel Williams. Additionally, the parade will feature a special co-host, Elizabeth Stanton, known for her role as the host of Season Four of The CW's popular television series, "World's Funniest Animals."

The parade route covers a 3.2-mile U-shaped path, commencing at the intersection of Orange Street and Hollywood Boulevard. It will proceed eastward along Hollywood Boulevard to Vine Street, where it will make a southward turn and continue to Sunset Boulevard. From there, the parade will head west on Sunset Boulevard, eventually circling back to Orange Street to complete its route.

The upcoming live parade will showcase Hollywood celebrities, VIPs, pre-parade and parade performers, award-winning bands from various parts of the country, colossal four-story character balloons, vibrant floats, novelty attractions, and iconic movie cars. The parade's grand finale will be the arrival of the beloved Santa Claus and his reindeer, marking the official start of the holiday season! To stay informed and discover more about the event, please visit www.thehollywoodchristmasparade.org for updates.

FREE Curbside Seating
We recommend that parade attendees prepare in advance and arrive with ample time to secure their preferred viewing locations along the parade route. FREE curbside seating will be accessible along the entire parade route, commencing at the junction of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue and extending along Vine Street and Sunset Boulevard for the duration of the event.

A Season of Giving
The Hollywood Christmas Parade has always been about more than just entertainment. Each year, it proudly features the "Toys For Tots" program, a partnership with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. This program collects new, unwrapped toys and distributes them to underprivileged children in the community, ensuring that they too can experience the joy of receiving gifts during the holiday season. The sight of Marines collecting toys along the parade route serves as a poignant reminder that the spirit of giving is at the heart of this event.

Supporting Charities
In addition to Toys For Tots, the Hollywood Christmas Parade is dedicated to supporting a multitude of other essential organizations and charities. These organizations work tirelessly to help those who are less fortunate, providing assistance to individuals and families who may be struggling during the holiday season. These charities, through their hard work and dedication, contribute to making the parade not just a celebration of glitz and glamour but a powerful symbol of hope and support.

A Celebration of Unity
The Hollywood Christmas Parade is open to everyone, serving as a unifying event that transcends boundaries and reminds us that we are all part of a greater community. Regardless of background, faith, or circumstance, the parade encourages everyone to come together and celebrate the values of kindness, generosity, and compassion. This sense of unity is a powerful reminder that we all need one another and that the holiday season is an opportunity to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Honoring Those Who Serve
The event also pays tribute to the dedicated servicemen and women who protect our country. It is a chance for the community to express gratitude to the US Marines, who not only safeguard the nation but also take time to support initiatives like Toys For Tots. Their presence in the parade is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of the military to make the holiday season special for all children.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade originates at the heart of Hollywood, commencing on Hollywood Blvd. at Orange Drive. It follows a U-shaped route, heading east to Vine Street, then turning south on Vine St. before heading west on Sunset Blvd. and returning to Orange Drive.

Parking Information
Parking in Hollywood can be quite a challenge due to high demand. One of the most convenient parking options is the Hollywood/Highland shopping complex. Additional public parking lots are available, though they typically involve a fee. For specific parking rates and to secure a spot, please contact the respective parking facilities in advance. Arriving early is advisable to avoid traffic congestion and potential street and ramp closures. Be attentive to street signs indicating areas designated as "NO PARKING" for the duration of the parade.

For those seeking hassle-free transportation to the parade, the Metro Red Line offers a convenient solution. Both the Hollywood/Vine and Hollywood/Highland Metro stations provide direct access to the parade route, making it an easy and efficient way to reach the event.

Magic of the Season
The 91st Hollywood Christmas Parade is a celebration of warmth, compassion, and unity. It embodies the true spirit of the holiday season, emphasizing the importance of giving, helping, and showing kindness to those who need it most. As the parade marches down the iconic streets of Hollywood, it reminds us all that there's no better time to come together and make a difference in the lives of others. This annual event is a shining example of how the magic of the season is not just about lights and decorations but about the goodness that resides in our hearts.

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