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June 2024 Events: Things to Do Los Angeles

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Updated on Jun 07 2024 9:50am

June 2024 in Los Angeles is packed with a diverse array of exciting events, concerts, and festivals. Natalie Merchant will enchant audiences at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, followed by Janet Jackson's "Together Again Tour" lighting up the Honda Center. The electronic duo ODESZA will captivate with their mesmerizing beats at BMO Stadium, while Ambrosia will showcase their musical versatility at The Canyon. The Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl will feature top-notch jazz performances. The dynamic duo of Daryl Hall and Elvis Costello & The Imposters will deliver a powerful performance at the Greek Theatre, followed by Third Eye Blind with special guest Yellowcard. Megan Thee Stallion will bring her dynamic energy to Crypto.com Arena, and The Doobie Brothers will continue their musical journey at the Kia Forum. Country music superstar Luke Combs will thrill fans at SoFi Stadium, while Foreigner and Styx will rock the Honda Center. The month wraps up with the nostalgic Totally Tubular Festival at the YouTube Theater and the Roots Picnic celebrating hip-hop's rich legacy at the Hollywood Bowl.

June 2024 Events
Must-Attend Summer Events in the City of Angels

FREE Adventures: Free Things to Do in LA

In the dynamic tapestry of Los Angeles, May unfolds as a month of cultural splendor, offering an unparalleled Embark on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant city of Los Angeles with our incredible list of fun and free activities. Whether you're a local seeking new adventures or a visitor eager to explore on a budget, our carefully curated selection unveils the diverse tapestry of experiences waiting to be discovered. From uncovering hidden gems tucked away in bustling neighborhoods to exploring iconic landmarks without spending a dime, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Dive into the cultural richness of LA with free museum days, take a scenic hike in the city's picturesque landscapes, or simply wander through lively street markets and vibrant parks. With our comprehensive guide, you'll unlock the best of Los Angeles without breaking the bank, ensuring memorable moments and endless excitement for all.

Free Things To Do

Exploring The Arts in LA

Embark on a captivating journey through the vibrant cultural tapestry of Los Angeles, where the arts unfold in a dazzling array of performances and events. Immerse yourself in the city's rich artistic landscape as you traverse a carefully curated list of the finest ballet, classical music, comedy, dance, family entertainment, concerts, musicals, opera, and beyond. Los Angeles, a global epicenter of creativity, beckons with world-class performances that span genres, from the grace of ballet to the stirring crescendos of classical symphonies, the infectious laughter of comedy clubs to the mesmerizing movements of contemporary dance. Whether it's the allure of grand operas or the enchantment of family-friendly festivities, this city offers an unparalleled exploration of the arts, ensuring a cultural odyssey that resonates with every taste and inclination.

Things to Do Los Angeles:
Exploring Westside Los Angeles

Get ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind of glamour and excitement on the vibrant Westside of Los Angeles, where affluence and influence reign supreme! These neighborhoods are not just famous for their celebrity residents but also for their thriving cultural hubs, luxurious hotels, eclectic shopping scenes, and global culinary delights. From the coastal charm of Pacific Palisades to the star-studded allure of Hollywood, the bohemian vibes of Venice to the timeless elegance of Beverly Hills, and the trendy beach energy of Manhattan Beach to the eclectic spirit of West Hollywood, the Westside offers an unmatched and diverse experience. We've curated an incredible list of 101 incredible activities in the City of Angels and beyond, a veritable checklist of awe-inspiring adventures and mouthwatering cuisine for every taste. So, let's seize 2024 and make it a year to cherish! Embrace these unforgettable experiences, connect with new friends, and revel in the sheer beauty of life. Dust off your bucket list and prepare for a year that will go down in history as one to savor to the fullest!

2024 LA Bucket List!
Best Outdoor Activities in LA
Best Things to Do in LA

Step into the heart of Hollywood's enchanting 2024 Awards Season with a guide to the key dates, star-studded ceremonies, and standout winners, showcasing the epitome of excellence in film, television, and music.

LA's 2024 Awards Season Unveiled: Glitz, Glamour, and Top Winners!

Awards Season in Los Angeles heralds a period of glamour and recognition, kicking off with the illustrious 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 7th. Presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), this event honors exceptional achievements in both American and international film and television, setting the stage for the season's festivities. Following closely, the 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel on January 14th continues the celebration, showcasing cinematic excellence meticulously chosen through a week-long nominating process. The subsequent ceremonies, including the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Peacock Theater at LA Live on January 15th, the 66th Grammy Awards at Crypto.com Arena on February 4th, and the 76th Directors Guild of America Awards at Beverly Hilton on February 10th, pay homage to outstanding talents across television, music, and direction. As the season progresses, the People's Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Film Independent Spirit Awards highlight the industry's vibrant talent pool and diverse storytelling, culminating in the grand finale of the 96th Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 10th. Throughout this exhilarating season, Los Angeles becomes a beacon of creativity and achievement, honoring the artists and professionals who shape the entertainment landscape with their exceptional talents and contributions.

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