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Best Airports For Your Next Visit to LA

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

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The Essential Guide to SNA:
Your Companion to a Seamless Airport Experience

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Welcome to John Wayne Airport (SNA), the key that unlocks the enchanting worlds of Aneheim and Disneyland. Nestled in the heart of Orange County, California, this airport serves as an essential portal connecting travelers to the vibrant allure of Southern California.

If you're planning a trip to this magical corner of the world, allow us to be your guide. In this article, we'll unveil the essential information you need to navigate John Wayne Airport, explore its nearby attractions, and make the most of your journey. From its accolades as one of the nation's best airports to its proximity to iconic destinations like Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, we've got you covered. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first adventure, let's embark on this journey together and make your experience through John Wayne Airport a seamless and memorable one.

18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707

John Wayne Airport (SNA) Private Transfer from or to LA
John Wayne Airport (SNA)

What is the John Wayne Airport Close To?

SNA to Disneyland Park 12.6 miles
SNA to Knott's Berry Farm 19.0 miles
SNA to Newport Beach 7.3 miles

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

John Wayne Airport Ranked Among Nation's Best

In 2022, John Wayne Airport achieved an impressive milestone by securing the #2 spot among the leading large airports across North America. This triumph marked yet another accolade in the airport's consistent streak of high rankings since its elevation to the large airport category in 2017. With its prior achievements including a #1 ranking in 2017 and 2018, followed by a commendable second place in 2019 and 2020, the airport has continually demonstrated its commitment to excellence. The ranking's foundation lies in comprehensive traveler satisfaction, gauging key factors such as terminal amenities, arrival and departure processes, baggage claim efficiency, security protocols, check-in procedures, and the availability of food, beverages, and retail options. John Wayne Airport's success in this evaluation reinforces its dedication to providing a superior travel experience to passengers within the 10 to 32.9 million annual passenger range, solidifying its position as a standout among North America's premier airports.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)


Choosing between SNA and LAX involves a trade-off of factors. John Wayne Airport (SNA) boasts a more intimate atmosphere compared to the vastness of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), making it a preferable option for those seeking a less crowded and more efficient travel experience. Its close proximity to Disneyland and improved traffic conditions are added advantages. However, SNA does fall short in terms of flight options, particularly for overseas connections, and its passenger lounges are more limited than those at LAX. On the other hand, LAX stands out with its extensive flight network and a wide array of airlines serving various destinations. The airport's greater parking availability and numerous passenger lounges also provide convenience. Nonetheless, LAX is notorious for heavy traffic and larger crowds, factors that may impede seamless travel. Ultimately, the choice depends on whether travelers prioritize accessibility, convenience, and crowd size or value flight variety, airline choices, and airport amenities.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Top Hotels Near John Wayne Airport With Free Shuttle Service

Discover ultimate convenience with our selection of top hotels near John Wayne Airport offering complimentary shuttle services to and from SNA. Before your stay, it's advisable to verify the availability of this free service with your chosen hotel and make any necessary advance reservations. The courtesy shuttles ensure seamless transportation for travelers, conveniently picking up and dropping off passengers at the Ground Transportation Center, eliminating any hassle in getting to and from the airport.

Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa
3050 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa
(714) 540-7000

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree Road
Newport Beach
(949) 729-1234

The Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa
686 Anton Boulevard
Costa Mesa
(714) 540-2500

Hilton Irvine/Orange County Airport
18800 MacArthur Boulevard
(949) 833-9999

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Dine, Shop, Relax

Experience the complete journey of Dine, Shop, Relax within the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, where a diverse culinary landscape unfolds with full-service restaurants, efficient sit-down dining, and convenient "grab-and-go" selections from a mix of local and national vendors. Delight in retail therapy as you browse through multiple destinations offering news, specialty items, and an array of products. Beyond shopping and dining, immerse yourself in the terminal's vibrant ambiance by exploring its public art collection and rotating exhibits, all while relishing the soothing tunes of live music and the comforting presence of trained therapy dogs.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

American Airlines Admirals Club

The American Airlines Admirals Club, an oasis of comfort and tranquility exclusive to Admiral Club members, awaits on the mezzanine level of the Terminal. Beyond providing a serene environment, this lounge extends business conference services for those in need. Accessible through the elevator adjacent to Gate #8, the Admirals Club welcomes guests during a range of hours, catering to diverse schedules:

Monday to Wednesday: 5:15am – 6:30pm
Thursday to Saturday: 5:15am – 4:15pm
Sunday: 6:15am – 6:30pm
Whether for relaxation or productive endeavors, the Admirals Club promises a refined retreat within the bustling setting of the Terminal.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

United Airlines United Club

Indulge in the serenity of the United Club lounge, where United Airlines members are treated to a serene haven adorned with complimentary snacks, beverages, and Wi-Fi. A haven of comfort amidst travel anticipation, this lounge beckons with its cozy ambiance. Easily accessible through the elevator near Gate #9, the United Club lounge welcomes visitors daily, ensuring a tranquil respite:

Open Hours: 5:30am – 8:30pm

Whether for relaxation or productive moments, the United Club offers a refined reprieve for travelers embarking on their journey.

AirPAWS Therapy Dogs

In collaboration with Orange County Animal Allies, the John Wayne Airport introduces the AirPAWS Therapy Dog Program, an initiative that introduces trained therapy dogs to the Thomas F. Riley Terminal to enhance the travel experience. Backed by research demonstrating the physical and mental health benefits of interacting with therapy dogs, including stress reduction and relaxation, these four-legged ambassadors provide comfort and solace to travelers. OC Animal Allies, a group of dedicated human and dog ambassadors, volunteer their time to bring joy to the airport environment. These friendly canines, freely roaming the Airport, extend warm greetings to interested guests, offering hugs, smooches, and photo opportunities that are sure to bring smiles. For further details about OC Animal Allies and potential involvement as a certified volunteer handler, visit www.OCAnimalAllies.org.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Arts Program

Enriching the airport environment with cultural vibrancy, the Airport Arts Program, under the guidance of the five-member Airport Arts Commission, curates captivating museum-quality exhibitions within the Riley Terminal. These exhibitions not only serve as visual delights but are also accompanied by special programs that enhance the viewer's experience. Additionally, the program takes pride in its role as the sponsor of the Annual Student Art Contest/Exhibition, extending its influence beyond the airport's confines and engaging the broader community in celebrating creativity and artistic expression.

JWAlive Music Program

Elevating the guest experience at John Wayne Airport, JWAlive stands as the embodiment of the airport's commitment to excellence. This music performance program transforms the terminal into a vibrant stage, offering live music performances exclusively to ticketed passengers. Made possible through a collaboration between John Wayne Airport and QSC, these melodic interludes provide a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for travelers. Whether departing or arriving, the JWAlive music program ensures that your time at the terminal is accompanied by the soothing sounds of live music, reflecting the airport's dedication to creating memorable moments for every guest.

Holiday Music Program

Celebrate the spirit of the season at John Wayne Airport as the air resonates with holiday cheer. Embracing the festive atmosphere, Orange County's talented high school musical ensembles take center stage in the Thomas F. Riley Terminal every December, serenading travelers and guests with live holiday music. In a heartwarming tradition, these performances unfold in the Baggage Claim area on the Arrival (lower) Level of Terminals A, B, and C, creating a delightful ambiance and spreading joy to all who pass through the airport during this magical time of year.

Charging Stations

Empowering travelers to stay connected, the Thomas F. Riley Terminal ensures convenience with an abundance of accessible charging solutions. Easily accessible electrical outlets and convenient USB ports are thoughtfully integrated throughout the terminal, seamlessly fitting into seatbacks or discreetly located underneath seating areas. For those seeking dedicated work spaces, Terminal C gate areas offer purpose-designed work stations. This traveler-centric approach to charging and connectivity underscores the airport's commitment to enhancing the passenger experience.

Animal Relief

Ensuring the comfort and convenience of travelers and their furry companions, John Wayne Airport offers three dedicated Animal Relief Areas within the terminal premises. Positioned for accessibility, these areas can be found on the Arrival (lower) Level outside of Terminal A near Parking Structure A1, adjacent to Terminal C near Parking Structure C, and securely within the Terminal near Gates 12 and 13 (Terminal Map). Responsible pet ownership is encouraged, with waste disposal bags and receptacles provided for cleaning up after animals. It's important to note that, aside from service animals, uncaged animals are restricted from entering the Terminal, underscoring the airport's commitment to maintaining a harmonious environment for all passengers.

Why SNA?

When seeking the renowned Orange County Airport, your quest concludes here. Renamed in honor of John Wayne in 1979, this distinguished travel hub is nestled in Santa Ana, thus earning the moniker Santa Ana Airport, while bearing the SNA airport code. Serving as a testament to the region's vibrant essence, John Wayne Airport seamlessly integrates heritage and innovation, welcoming travelers to an iconic destination that reflects both its history and its promising future.

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