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Discover the Thrills of Surfing at El Porto and Manhattan Beach Pier

Best Surfing in Manhattan Beach

Catch the Perfect Wave:
Explore the Legendary Breaks of El Porto and Manhattan Beach Pier

Visit Manhattan Beach California

Dive into the captivating world of surfing in Manhattan Beach, where thrilling waves and a vibrant beach culture await.

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Manhattan Beach lies the ultimate surfer's paradise, offering some of the best surfing experiences in Southern California. With its consistent surf, favorable conditions, and a vibrant beach culture, this coastal gem attracts wave enthusiasts from near and far. From the legendary breaks of El Porto to the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier, surfers of all levels can paddle out and catch exhilarating waves.

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El Porto

Located at the north end of Manhattan Beach, El Porto stands as a beacon for avid surfers seeking thrilling rides on the Southern California coast. Renowned as a northwest swell magnet, El Porto consistently offers larger waves compared to other spots in the South Bay during the winter months. While the beach's popularity can lead to crowded lineups, experienced surfers know to seek out the "holes," where breaks in the relentless closeouts can be found. With optimal spring sandbars or a crossed swell, El Porto transforms into a surfer's paradise, providing excellent conditions for an exhilarating session. However, it's worth noting that El Porto has faced challenges such as beach nourishment programs that altered the landscape and concerns about water quality due to the proximity of the Chevron refinery. Despite these factors, the waves at El Porto can often resemble well-oiled machines, guaranteeing a memorable surfing experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

For beginners looking to embark on their surfing journey, El Porto serves as an ideal destination in the Los Angeles area. Its consistency makes it a reliable spot, ensuring that waves are usually present even when other beaches may be flat. This reliability eliminates the need for newcomers to closely follow surf reports, allowing them to show up any day and any time, confident that they will find something to ride. However, it's important to keep in mind that El Porto can get crowded, particularly during the summer season, so arriving early to secure a spot on the sand is advisable. Overall, West swells and a medium tide tend to offer the best conditions at El Porto, presenting surfers with an enticing playground to challenge themselves and improve their skills while immersing themselves in the vibrant surfing culture of Manhattan Beach.

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Manhattan Beach and Pier

Manhattan Beach and the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier in Los Angeles County offer a thrilling surfing experience for wave enthusiasts. This exposed beach break boasts consistent surf, with summer being the favored season for catching waves. The east wind direction is ideal for optimal conditions. Groundswells are the main source of surf here, with the ideal swell direction coming from the southwest. Surfing at Manhattan Beach and Pier presents riders with both left and right waves, although it's important to note that the area can often be crowded. Surfers should exercise caution and be mindful of the presence of rips, as they can make the surfing conditions potentially hazardous.

To make the most of a surfing session at Manhattan Beach and Pier, the best time of year is typically during the summer months, with June often providing consistent clean waves and favorable offshore winds. The key to finding good surf lies in mixed and combo swells, along with the hope of well-defined sandbars. South of Manhattan, the surf spots are increasingly shadowed by south/summer swells, relying more on southwest, west, and northwest swells for optimal wave formation. Marine Street is typically regarded as the best spot for south swells in Manhattan, while the beach breaks generally offer walled waves, with some better-shaped ones near the Manhattan Pier. Embark on a surfing adventure at Manhattan Beach and Pier, where the waves and the vibrant beach atmosphere create an unforgettable experience for surfers of all levels.

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