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Discover the Natural Beauty and Recreation of Manhattan Beach Parks

Best Parks in Manhattan Beach

Unleash Your Adventure in Manhattan Beach Parks:
A Haven of Beauty and Recreation

Visit Manhattan Beach California

Embark on a journey of outdoor exploration and recreation as you discover the diverse and captivating parks of Manhattan Beach, California.

Manhattan Beach, California, is home to a collection of remarkable parks that offer a wide array of recreational opportunities and natural beauty. From the enchanting Polliwog Park with its picturesque pond and charming gazebos to the remarkable Sand Dune Park known for its unique sand dunes and breathtaking views, these parks captivate visitors with their diverse offerings. Live Oak Park stands as a beloved recreational haven with tennis courts, play areas, and community buildings, while Marine Ave Park boasts sports fields, picnic areas, and a thrilling skate spot. Additionally, the Marine Sport Complex provides premier facilities for baseball and softball enthusiasts. Manhattan Heights Park and its adjacent community center offer a range of amenities for gatherings and activities. With each park showcasing its unique features and attractions, Manhattan Beach offers an extraordinary outdoor experience for residents and visitors alike.

Polliwog Park

Nestled at the corner of Redondo Avenue and Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Polliwog Park is a gem in Los Angeles, renowned for hosting unforgettable birthday parties. Spanning 18 acres, it stands as the largest and most enchanting park in the South Bay area. Managed by the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, the park showcases a splendid pond bordered by a natural wildlife refuge, serving as a haven for migratory birds and occasional raccoons or possums. Its picturesque amphitheater, overlooking the serene pond where ducks and geese gracefully glide, sets an idyllic backdrop for concerts, performances, weddings, and other special events. Three charming gazebos, strategically located near the Rose Garden, amphitheater, and pond, are cherished spots for birthday parties, anniversaries, and family reunions. These can be reserved in advance for two-hour intervals. A historic beach cottage, transformed into the City's Historical Museum, offers guided tours by appointment, situated a short distance from the enchanting Rose Garden. Inclusive play areas cater to children's diverse interests, featuring a lighthouse-inspired play apparatus with spiral tube slides, misters, and separate sections for younger children to explore and climb. Adjacent to the park, the Premier Little League Field and Begg Pool provide additional recreational opportunities for visitors. The Manhattan Beach Botanical Garden, run by passionate volunteers, invites the public to experience its natural beauty regularly, while the park itself boasts an exercise course, restroom facilities, drinking fountains, park benches, and shady areas for relaxation and friendly conversations. With convenient curbside parking along Redondo Avenue and Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Polliwog Park is an ideal destination for all, promising delightful memories and moments of tranquility.

Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park, situated in Manhattan Beach, California, is a remarkable public space featuring sand dunes that serve as a unique exercise destination. Renowned among both amateur and professional athletes, this park has garnered attention in fitness magazines and newspaper articles as an exceptional workout spot. The park derives its name from a magnificent 100-foot high sand dune that captures the imagination of visitors, particularly children. Various steps and switchbacks pave the way up the dune, forming a trail that offers different routes to reach the summit. As visitors traverse the trail, they are treated to a captivating nature walk, meandering through vibrant plant life. Upon reaching the pinnacle, a breathtaking east-facing panoramic view of the City unfolds. In addition to the awe-inspiring dune, the three-acre park features a secure play area for young children, complete with swings, a merry-go-round, and climbing equipment. Shaded picnic facilities, an open pavilion, and two picnic tables offer a pleasant setting for gatherings, accommodating approximately 20 people each. Restrooms and drinking fountains are conveniently available, ensuring visitors' comfort. Furthermore, dogs are welcome on leashes in designated walking areas and along posted cement walkways. Sand Dune Park truly stands as a remarkable outdoor haven, combining exercise, natural beauty, and recreational amenities for all to enjoy.

Live Oak Park

Live Oak Park, a standby recreational haven, offers a diverse range of amenities for visitors to enjoy. Encompassing nearly nine acres, it holds the distinction of being one of the oldest parks in the city, and it serves as the venue for the annual Old Hometown Fair held in October. The park boasts a cherished "tot lot" for young children, as well as a separate play area for older children. Sports enthusiasts can take advantage of the six lighted tennis courts, frequently used for classes, private matches, and city-sponsored tournaments. Additionally, a lighted basketball court and two spacious multipurpose fields make Live Oak Park a popular destination for community members. Picnic spots equipped with grills are available, accommodating various group sizes, and amenities such as restrooms and drinking fountains ensure visitors' comfort. The park is also home to several community buildings, including the Live Oak Recreation Center, housing a tennis office and ceramics studio, and the Joslyn Community Center, which hosts a senior citizens club and offers space for meetings and gatherings. Notably, the park features the Martin Ganz Memorial, a public artwork dedicated to the police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. Ample parking is conveniently located across the street and along Valley Drive. For dog owners, the Live Oak Park Dog Run provides a designated area for canine companions to play, accompanied by specific rules and etiquette guidelines. Live Oak Park offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, making it a beloved destination for the community.

Marine Ave Park

Marine Ave Park, spanning 7.5 acres, stands as one of the newest parks in the City, offering a range of recreational amenities. Owned by TRW and leased to the City, this park has become a beloved destination for young children's birthday parties and family gatherings. The park features a full-size baseball field, a turf soccer field, two outdoor basketball courts, an exercise area, picnic tables, and children's play areas. Additionally, a small recreation activity building is available for classes, meetings, and social gatherings. Visitors can also take advantage of a four-court indoor racquetball building operated by Pay-N-Play Company of America. A covered structure provides a space for picnicking or recreational activities, and an adjacent picnic area with picnic tables and barbecues can accommodate approximately 50 people. Restrooms and drinking fountains ensure convenience, while ample parking is available in the adjacent lot along Marine Avenue. Marine Ave Park offers a vibrant and well-equipped space for outdoor activities and community gatherings.

Marine Avenue Park Skate Spot

Situated in the northeast corner of Marine Avenue Park, the Skate Spot offers a thrilling destination for skateboard enthusiasts. Nestled just beyond the baseball diamond's outfield and adjacent to Manhattan Beach Studios, this 6,000 square foot concrete skate spot showcases state-of-the-art terrain. The perimeter is adorned with transition elements, providing an exciting ride, while a central street section beckons with stairs, rails, and ledges for skaters to showcase their skills. The Skate Spot at Marine Avenue Park promises an exhilarating experience for skateboarders seeking thrills and challenges in a dynamic and well-designed environment.

Marine Sport Complex

Marine Sport Complex, established in 2001, stands as the newest park in the City. Originally purchased from TRW by the City and then sold to the Beach Cities Health District with a lease-back agreement, this expansive complex is dedicated to baseball and softball. It features three well-maintained fields: Marine Complex West, Marine Complex Center, and Marine Complex East. Each field boasts dimensions of approximately 200 feet all around and is equipped with lighting for evening games. Batting cages are conveniently available at Complex West and Complex East, offering additional training opportunities. While this premier sports facility is not open for public reservations, it serves as an exceptional venue for youth and adult athletes to engage in competitive and recreational play.

Manhattan Heights Park, Manhattan Heights Community Center

Manhattan Heights Park, one of the newest parks in the City, offers a range of recreational amenities for visitors to enjoy. Owned by TRW and leased to the City, this park spans over 7.5 acres and has become a popular destination for young children's birthday parties and family gatherings. The park features a full-size baseball field, a turf soccer field, two outdoor basketball courts, an exercise area, picnic tables, children's play areas, and a small recreation activity building. The building is utilized for classes, meetings, and social gatherings, while a four-court indoor racquetball building operated by Pay-N-Play Company of America adds to the park's offerings. Additionally, a covered structure provides a space for picnicking or recreational activities, and an adjacent picnic area with ample seating and barbecues can accommodate approximately 50 people. Restrooms, drinking fountains, and convenient parking further enhance the park's amenities. Manhattan Heights Park and its facilities provide a welcoming and versatile environment for community members to engage in various recreational pursuits and social interactions.

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