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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pacific Palisades Communities

Pacific Palisades Neighborhood Guide

Explore Pacific Palisades Neighborhoods:
Finding Your Perfect Haven by the Coast

Visit Pacific Palisades California
Visit Pacific Palisades California
Visit Pacific Palisades California

Welcome to the enchanting world of Pacific Palisades Neighborhoods, where we invite you to embark on a captivating journey through its diverse enclaves, each offering its unique charm and allure by the picturesque California coastline.

Welcome to the Pacific Palisades Neighborhoods Community Guide, your go-to resource for discovering the best places to call home in this charming coastal enclave. Nestled within the idyllic "Village" of Pacific Palisades are a plethora of distinct neighborhoods, each exuding its own unique style, atmosphere, and price range. With three public elementary schools serving the Palisades, your address plays a pivotal role in determining which Pacific Palisades elementary school district you belong to. From the coveted Alphabet Streets and scenic Bluffs (Via and El Medio) to the serene Castellammare and upscale Riviera, each neighborhood offers a slice of paradise. Whether you prefer the tranquility of Rustic Canyon or the elegance of Sunset Mesa (Pacific View Estates), there's a neighborhood to suit every lifestyle. For those seeking a close-knit community, the smaller neighborhoods such as Bel Air Bay Club and Ridgeview Country Estates are equally inviting. Join us as we embark on an exploration of the Pacific Palisades' finest residential pockets, providing you with essential insights to find the perfect place to call home.

The Riviera

The Riviera, an exclusive Palisades neighborhood, lies approximately two miles east of The Palisades Village and is defined by its luxurious amenities and prestigious ambiance. This upscale area boasts The Riviera Country Club, a renowned high-end country club offering both golf and tennis facilities. The neighborhood's streets are elegantly named after various locations in the French and Italian Riviera, adding to its allure. Divided into north and south sections by Sunset Boulevard, The Riviera is strategically located, bordering Santa Monica and Brentwood, and offering easy access to these neighboring communities. Home to prestigious events such as the annual Genesis Open on the PGA Tour, Riviera Country Club has a rich history, having hosted major championships like the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship. With its wide streets, expansive lots, and stunning city and mountain views in the upper Riviera, this sought-after enclave provides an ideal setting for those who appreciate privacy and luxury.

The Village

Nestled at the heart of Pacific Palisades, The Village stands as a bustling and pedestrian-friendly downtown area, enriched with a vibrant atmosphere and a small central business district. Situated at the crossroads of Sunset Boulevard and Via de la Paz, The Village has long been celebrated for its wealth of Italian restaurants, adding a touch of culinary delight to the community. At its core lies the Palisades Village, a modern shopping center that opened its doors in 2018, gracefully replacing several structures in the downtown vicinity. Anchored by the historic Business Block building between Antioch and Sunset, this dynamic business district beckons with an array of enticing offerings. Among its attractions are a weekly farmers' market, a medley of restaurants, cozy cafés, and inviting coffee shops. The Village also boasts an assortment of boutiques, shops, banks, and offices, creating a hub of local events and activities that fosters a strong sense of community among residents and visitors alike.

The Via Bluffs and the Huntington Palisades

Perched gracefully to the south of Sunset Boulevard, overlooking the glistening ocean, The Via Bluffs and The Huntington Palisades stand as captivating neighborhoods bordering the "village" proper. The Via Mesa finds its place nestled between the scenic Temescal Canyon to the west and the picturesque Potrero Canyon to the east, while the Huntington Palisades embraces the area between Potrero Canyon on the west and Chautauqua Boulevard on the east. Residents of these enchanting communities enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance to The Village, where a wealth of amenities await. Sitting atop high bluffs, both neighborhoods offer breathtaking views of the majestic Pacific Ocean, creating an idyllic coastal haven for those seeking the perfect blend of accessibility and serenity.

The Alphabet Streets

Nestled to the north of Sunset Boulevard, The Alphabet Streets, affectionately known as "The North Village," is a cherished neighborhood that holds the distinction of being the first one established in Pacific Palisades back in 1921, spearheaded by the Methodist movement. Within this lively community, residents enjoy the smallest lot sizes in the Palisades, ranging from 5,200 to 7,500 sq ft, featuring a charming array of smaller single-family homes lining its vibrant, narrow streets. The unique nomenclature of the streets, consecutively named after prominent Methodist Bishops of yesteryears, follows the alphabetical order, giving rise to its endearing name. Being in close proximity to The Village, this area thrives on its high density and attracts young families who relish the convenience of being within walking distance to the shopping district. With its flat terrain and welcoming ambiance, The Alphabet Streets have become a favorite haunt for Halloween trick-or-treaters, adding to its allure as one of the most beloved corners of Pacific Palisades.

The El Medio Bluffs

The El Medio Bluffs, sharing the scenic allure of The Via Bluffs and The Huntington Palisades, grace a high ridge with stunning views of the majestic Pacific Ocean. Located south of Sunset Boulevard, this coveted neighborhood begins approximately 1⁄4 mile west of The Village, just beyond Palisades Charter High School. Stretching from Temescal Canyon to the meeting point of Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway, the El Medio Mesa offers an extensive expanse of picturesque residences. Embraced by the refreshing ocean air and panoramic vistas, this sought-after area enjoys a flat terrain, ideal for savoring the delightful ocean breezes. Conveniently situated within walking distance to the Bluffs, where the Pacific Ocean unfolds its natural beauty, and in close proximity to the vibrant town for shopping, the El Medio Bluffs stand as an enticing destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of coastal serenity and urban convenience.

The Huntington

Nestled just below Sunset and to the west of Chautauqua, The Huntington stands as an enclave of elegance and sophistication. Gracing the area are traditional-style homes, each occupying flat, wide lots that exude a timeless charm. This exclusive neighborhood holds a magnetic appeal for upscale families seeking a tranquil yet connected lifestyle. The allure of The Huntington lies not only in its luxurious residences but also in its prime location, offering sweeping views of the majestic Pacific Ocean. Residents relish the convenience of being within walking distance to the park, recreation center, and library, adding to the neighborhood's allure. If you crave a balance between being close to the center of bustling activity and finding solace in a serene coastal haven, The Huntington is the perfect community to call home.

Rustic Canyon

Embracing the eastern side of Chautauqua Boulevard and gently dipping into Santa Monica Canyon, Rustic Canyon is a truly unique neighborhood that boasts a captivating blend of nature and history. At the heart of this serene enclave lies the Will Rogers State Historic Park, adding a touch of cultural significance to the area. Rustic Canyon's character is shaped by post-war homes nestled on the former polo field of The Uplifters, originally the site of The Uplifters clubhouse, which now stands as a city park. The neighborhood showcases a plethora of architectural and rustic-style homes, exuding a sense of timeless charm and tranquility. The area's "cabins," developed as second homes and weekend retreats, further enhance its allure, making it an idyllic escape from the bustling city life. Set amidst a picturesque backdrop of beautiful trees and a babbling brook, Rustic Canyon exudes an ambiance of privacy, serenity, and shade, attracting those seeking a peaceful and exclusive retreat within the city.

Marquez Knolls

Nestled on the mountain upslope just north of Sunset Boulevard, Marquez Knolls boasts an expansive expanse of homes, capturing the essence of Southern California living with its spectacular ocean views. The lower upslope, developed in the early 1950s and mid-1960s by the Earl Lachman family, sets the stage for a charming residential neighborhood. At the heart of Marquez Knolls lies a small shopping center on Marquez Street and Sunset Boulevard, ensuring convenience for residents. This delightful area, situated near Marquez Elementary School, holds a special appeal for young families and offers a range of affordable housing options. Ascending the knoll, homeowners are rewarded with breathtaking ocean vistas that add to the allure of this community, primarily built in the 1950s. For those seeking a serene haven with stunning views, Marquez Knolls presents an inviting opportunity to call this picturesque corner of Pacific Palisades home.


Perched gracefully along the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, Castellammare unfolds its charm on small bluffs, closer to sea-level, just north of the intersection where Sunset Boulevard meets PCH. A highlight of this enchanting neighborhood is the renowned Getty Villa, adding a touch of cultural splendor to the area. As you navigate its narrow, winding streets adorned with beautiful Italian names, you'll be captivated by the gentle caress of ocean breezes that bring a sense of tranquility to this coastal haven. With stunning ocean views to behold, Castellammare exudes an ambiance reminiscent of the breathtaking Amalfi coast in Italy, making every day feel like a vacation in this idyllic seaside retreat.

Palisades Highlands

Nestled in the upper Santa Ynez Canyon, Palisades Highlands stands as one of the newest and most sought-after neighborhoods in the Palisades. Offering a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, this Los Angeles community enjoys convenient access to several trailheads in the Topanga State Park, making it an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. The Highlands features a diverse array of gated communities, housing developments, and distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm. Country Estates, situated on the farthest west part of the Highlands, boasts an exclusive gated community with 80 homes. Palisades Hills, the oldest area and highest part of the Highlands, treats residents to breathtaking views at around 1,600 feet above sea level. The Summit, the newest neighborhood completed in the early 2000s, presents a sense of contemporary elegance and hosts The Summit Club, a top-notch recreation center. Lower Highlands, with its mix of homes, condominiums, and commercial properties, is a vibrant community with a shopping center and various amenities, its development having commenced in the early 1970s. Located near the end of Sunset Boulevard and bordering Topanga, Palisades Highlands enjoys a peaceful setting just a short five-minute drive from the center of Pacific Palisades, The Village.

Santa Monica Canyon

Embraced by winding roads and defined by its steep canyon walls, Santa Monica Canyon exudes a captivating charm that has drawn in a diverse array of residents, including musicians, movie stars, and beach enthusiasts. This small yet vibrant enclave, aptly named for the historic Rancho Boca de Santa Monica, is seamlessly integrated within the city of Los Angeles and forms an integral part of the broader Pacific Palisades community. At the heart of Santa Monica Canyon lies the esteemed Canyon Charter School, renowned for its excellence as one of the most prestigious elementary schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Bordered by Chautauqua Boulevard to the northwest and Adelaide Drive to the south, this captivating neighborhood provides a peaceful escape while remaining in close proximity to the energy and excitement of Los Angeles.

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